Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A year in Digital Marketing

The snow may have melted away but the festive feeling has definitely arrived in my work's office!

Having started my new role as Digital Marketing Executive in early September, I've been kept busy with a long list of website designs and redesigns; numerous clients seeking the benefits of our Search Marketing and email marketing campaigns, and social media pages designed and tailored to our clients’ needs. Not to mention the numerous events I have attended throughout Scotland!

And in the world of digital marketing, 2012 saw the good, the bad and the ugly:

In addition to significant improvements in its Analytics and changes in Adwords, perhaps the biggest event in marketing this year was Google’s highly anticipated launch of Google+ which was hailed as the biggest contender to the Facebook throne. Initial reactions were positive with users flocking to add people to their inner circles, but after a delayed Business Pages launch, momentum seems to have dropped somewhat and 2012 will tell if Google+ can live up to the hype.

Perhaps the most well known and well respected marketer in the world, Apple’s Steve Jobs this year passed away leaving behind a legacy of products which have defined a generation. The news shook the global community, Jobs having revolutionized how we live, work and play through technology. His biography has just been announced as Amazon’s most popular selling book of 2011.

Whilst Smartphones from Apple and Android soared in sales throughout the year, Blackberry – having been popular due to its reliability and security – lost major customer loyalty when its systems shut down for a week in numerous countries across the globe. Meanwhile Adobe Flash succumbed to the power of Apple by ceasing all development of mobile versions of Flash.

After introducing promoted tweets, Twitter established itself as a major advertising platform as it increasingly saw its popularity sky-rocket. Twitter’s popularity was never more evident than its part in the various political protests and the coining of “Hurricane Bawbag” during Scotland’s stormy weather in early December.

And after a turbulent year of ever-increasing user base but backlash from users regarding interface changes and rumours of planting negative press on rival Google, Facebook neatly tied up the year with the mostly well-received launch of Facebook Timeline.

2011 was a hectic year - for 6 months I remained in my role working in Fashion PR at Mary Portas' creative marketing agency before I decided to return to the homeland. Upon my return, I saw myself returning to Topshop as a Visual Merchandiser and Brand manager temporarily until I landed myself a coveted role in Digital Marketing. Phew.

Bring on 2012.

Kat x