Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kirsty's Striking Images.

These absolutely stunning images are of one of my dearest friends and ex-flatmate, Kirsty Buchanan. The images were taken by fantastic fashion photographer Lisa Bean Angwin for Liverpudlian fashion designer Kirsty Doyle.

I think the clothes and images speak for themselves. Just gorgeous. I am proud to be this gorgeous lady's friend.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Some very cool use of tiling and an old sink in Urban Outfitters Glasgow recently. Just in a small section which was enough. It creates a point of interest for the clothing to displayed alongside. Pretty cool I thought.

Saw these vintage Justin worker boots. Perfect fit, pretty comfortable too. I love how clumpy , masculine and battered they look and they looked perfect with a new pretty feminine dress I was wearing and tights. 
£75, eek I'm a bit tight on money and I bought a little blue dress from Urban Outfitters last week so I didn't want to push the bank too far. (Went into American Apparel next door though and they had the same worker boots in white in their vintage section for £35!)