Friday, July 4, 2008

Yves Saint Laurent clutch

I just came across an Yves Saint Laurent bag which I absolutely love. It's truly an "envelope clutch".  At there are a few different products in this style such as tote bags, clutches, wallets and a keyring but of this particular design, apparently only 10 were made! Beautiful and timeless.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A friend told me about the Checkland Kindleysides website a while back and I absolutely love it. It is a dream to use.
Every page has a beautiful and fascinating flash animation.
The simplicity of the website is also represented in their impressive portfolio of work. Check out their clients to be really wowed. They don't however, go into great depth over what their clients wanted or how the process occurred. They let the images do the talking and these images say a lot.

Look at examples such as the interior of this London Levi's store 'Cinch'. The interior merchandising and window VM is so unique and yet appropriate for the store. You can imagine the customer walks in and truly has a great experience, which is what fashion shopping should be about. 

Secret world of Haute Couture.

A tutor told me about this documentary. After spending hours searching for it on the bbc website and more I finally found it on the most obvious place: youtube. It was a real eye opener to the passion, the work force and the priviledged few who that could afford to splash out $100,000 on a bespoke dress.

The idea of spending this stupendous amount of money on a garment that would be rarely worn, made me question my morals on how it could be justified. Watch for yourself to see, I'm glad to see some of these woman are philanthropists and also donate the dresses to museums.

Watch to see Karl Lagerfield taking you through the process of concept right through to customer purchase of an astonishingly beautiful white feather haute couture dress. Amazingly, this BBC documentary also includes Valentino himself and John Galliano!

It's in 6 parts, but it's worth it.