Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lily bares all.

Is it just me or does Lily Allen look increasingly amazing? Perhaps this is what happens when you become best chums with Mr Lagerfeld. (Be my friend Karl!)
This time she has gone topless for Harper's Bazaar Russia in vintage lace underwear and charcoaled eyes.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Top Shop?

Look what my wee friend spotted abroad in Santa Ponsa. Wonder what rates Philip Green pays for this place... teehee.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

St. Vincent

Talented, beautiful and quirky; my latest inspiration is Annie Clark (a.k.a. St. Vincent).

A Galliano Christmas

John Galliano was requested to turn his design talents to creating a 20ft high Christmas tree to feature in the lobby of London's exclusive hotel, Claridge's. 

'The Dior Tree', takes its inspiration from icy snow scenes, mixed with a tropical twist. It features sparkling leaves and orchids in silver, white and blue, as well as crystal , giving the impression of the tree being frozen. Perched among the branches are a handmade leopard, several parrots and a dragonfly.

“I am thrilled that Dior is collaborating with Claridge’s this Christmas,“ said John Galliano. “I hope to bring a twist to the traditional tree.”

The Dior tree was launched on Tuesday night (December 1st) at a cocktail reception, which featured a display of 20 vintage gowns from the Christian Dior archive, hand-picked by Galliano.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Dress Me Up!

Topshop's Oxford Circus never ceases to amaze me. 

Throughout December, their 'Dress Me Up!' section plays hosts to an amazing selection of dresses donated by fashion’s elite. From a Burberry dress donated by Freida Pinto and Jourdan Dunn's stunning Herve Leger, to Peaches Geldoff's Dolce & Gabbanna and a dress designed and worn by Naomi Campbell; the idea is that you can go along and hire one of the stunning pieces for the evening for just £40! (All proceeds go to charity).

I'm a fool to want you...

Christmas window displays

Set designer Shona Heath designed Topshop's Christmas window displays and they look fabulous. 
I have to say that now that I work for MANGO, my eyes have been opened up to visual merchandising techniques outwith the Topshop way of doing things. Both styles are great but very different. Topshop is very much suited for a UK creative audience whereas Mango - being a Spanish company - have a much more European, mature appeal. 
Here's our shop window Christmas display complete with Christmas trees, fairy lights and snowflake stickers. Prior to this, we had a very Chanel-like display with over-sized chandeliers. I was fortunate enough to be able to takes some of these chandeliers home with me once they were done with them. 

Dinner with Karl

Danny Roberts did this painting as a Thanksgiving gift for blog Fake Karl. 

Karl hosts dinner with Kate Moss, Mona Johannesson, Lily Cole and Tanya Dziahileva as his guests (who are aptly clad in Chanel's SS'10 collection).

Hearing Damage

Fallen Princesses

I came across the photographer Dina Goldstein's project on Fallen Disney Princesses. The project shows a realistic, modern-day scenario that replaces the happy-ever-after. 

I have always loved the fairytale photoshoots created in Vogue so this conflicts with my ever-the-romantic ideals but I do really appreciate the concept.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Hallow's Eve

Yes I do have just one blue eye. (No Bowie costume would be complete without it). 

Note for next year: Platforms? Fine. Leotards? No problem. Contact lenses? Never again.
"Making love with his ego, Ziggy sucked up into his mii-ind."

Sunday, October 25, 2009

River Island's windows

I'm usually not a fan of River Island but at the moment I am thoroughly enjoying their window displays. The masks are quite suitable for Halloween: 

Sunday, October 18, 2009


I bought myself some Raybans and thought I'd pose for you all. 

I'm back!

I know, I completely disappeared from the blogging scene for a while there but I never forgot about material for my blog the whole time (I promise). I started working full time in MANGO and having a lot of traveling time to and from work, to be quite honest, the thoughts of doing anything beyond sleeping when I get home has been quite a chore. 

However, having collected so much material and with so much to report on, I am going to discipline myself to get back on it. Here's Scarlett Johansson for the cover of MANGO's magazine. I bought these perfectly on-trend boots! Let me know what you think of them...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Magical Fashion by Tim Burton

In anticipation of his retrospective at MOMA, filmmaker Tim Burton reimagines the season's dark delights. The photographer was - of course - Tim Walker.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pop vs. Love

Fashion in the UK has been split in two between new magazine LOVE (second issue) and the newly relaunched POP. 

OK so bear with me: Katie Grand, editor of LOVE, used to edit POP. Upon leaving POP, rumour spread that working for POP from now on meant you would be banned from working for LOVE in the future. So how could POP compete? Enter Katie’s old boss and POP co-founder, Ashley Heath who was forced out of POP years ago. Can't wait to see how things unfold.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hot on the heels of Lily Allen, Agyness Deyn and Alexa Chung, Kimberley Walsh of Girls Aloud is the next celebrity to represent the New Look girl. 

‘We always feature women who our customers tell us they like and relate to', said a spokesman for New Look. 'Lily Allen was one of the girls. Agy is the approachable supermodel and the way Alexa Chung styles herself goes down really well with our customers. And Kimberley Walsh is the girl our customer most wants to be.’ 

The Career of John Galliano

If you've got the time, watch this fascinating documentary about John Galliano. From his humble beginnings at Central Saint Martins to Anna Wintour putting her weight behind his talent. Then see how he was hired as the creative force for Givenchy and finally promoted to head designeer at Christian Dior.

Monday, August 24, 2009

David Bailey criticises peers.

The famous photographer David Bailey - who has established an astonishing career since the Swinging Sixties - has recently made some interesting and bold statements about the fashion industry:
"Any model over the age of 23 has to be touched up these days. 23? It's f***ing ridiculous but that's what you have to do for American Vogue and it's getting the same in Britain.

"They want shoots that look like a shop window in Knightsbridge. They always have the same kind of dead-looking girls. It isn't interesting. Because they aren't girls. They're androids. Airbrushed and cleaned up and not real."

"You can't tell any more who took the photographs. You used to be able to tell - there was character to the pictures.

"You could tell this was a Newton or that was a Beaton or a Horst or whatever. A Bailey woman has a distinct look. A Bailey woman is a real woman of flesh and blood and sex."

Sunday, August 23, 2009

AnOther decade in fashion.

Kate Moss apparently wasn't satisfied with 4 September covers (W magazine, British Vogue, Russian Vogue and V magazine) so has landed her 5th with AnOther magazine. But - as seems to be in trend at the moment - there are multiple cover alternatives with Vanessa Paradis, Natalie Portman and Katie Holmes also sharing the limelight.
AnOther magazine’s Autumn/Winter '09 issue is marking the end of a decade of style and inside those covers they will explore 28 famous women each dressed in one of 28 designers (who define the decade). Each pairing will encapsulate a unique fashion moment of the Noughties. Can't wait. 

David Bowie - Fashion

My first introduction to this song was from the film Clueless when I was 10 years old. Loved it then - love it now.

Mango's fresh faces.

So Scarlett Johansson is the face of Mango's Fall ’09 campaign and was apparently chosen for not only her beauty but also "her extraordinary personality, which embodies the ideal of the urban, enterprising, daring woman that we target. Johansson is the epitome of an elegant, sensual woman who is at the same time both creative and inquisitive."
But Mango has also decided to feature some other young faces alongside her in their Fall catalogue who they consider perfectly reflect the "essence" of the collection.
Daisy Lowe, the Americans Leigh Lezark (a famous New York DJ and member of the group The Misshapes) and Riley Keough (daughter of Lisa Marie Presley and chosen as the model for Miss Dior Cherie), and the French model Marie-Ange Casta, have posed in the new collection and each brings a fresh look to the garments with their "undeniable personality, originality and unique style."