Saturday, June 28, 2008

Diane von Furstenberg & Natalia Vodianova

The pre-spring collection for Diane von Furstenberg's Cruise collection is catwalk-ed in a gorgeous setting. 

The clothes are of course very wearable and the first model down the catwalk? The lovely Natalia Vodianova. Delving further it seems that Natalia has become a bit of a muse for some of DVF's campaigns at the moment. I understand why as she is one of my favourite models. I love the versatility of her work: she can be rock chick, aristocrat, temptress... but she always remains so delicate, youthful and feminine. I am awe struck by her Cinderella story and endeared by her charity work and family life. 

A true supermodel of our time.

(Watch DVF's catwalk shows and latest 'project' featuring Vodianova at )

New Vivienne Westwood store.

Last week I had my graduation ceremony with the rest of my class. I was ecstatic that Dame Vivienne Westwood was also graduating at this same ceremony, having been given an Honorary Degree from my university. (Not everyone can say they graduated with Vivienne Westwood).
(Here she is at her Manifesto: an active resistance to propaganda. My flatmate Kirsty is in the background in a potato sack costume as she read from Vivienne's script. Lucky girl.)

At the same time, I discovered that she is soon to open a new store in Glasgow: her first in Scotland. It is due to open in Princes Square (situated on Buchanan Street) which already boasts such stores as Calvin Klein, boutiques like Fifi and Ally and Penhaligons as well as many slick bars and restaurants.
Just up the road from Princes Square, Urban Outfitters already sells a selection of her Anglomania collection, but I can't wait to see this new store open. Her collections are always so inspiring and unapologetic for doing their own thing: never abiding to the restrictions of seasonal trends.

Interactive shopping.

Recently I have come across some nice interactions whilst online shopping. 

The 'Oasis Fitting Room' allows you to trial outfits before you buy and get your friends advice before you purchase.

As well as this, Topshop have just added a new function to some of their clothing previews. When viewing some of their shoes, you now have the option of moving the mouse to see the desired shoe from all angles. This is a step forward from just zooming into the object or selecting a back view perspective. 

I can see these programming applications such as flash becoming a more common occurrence in our online shopping experiences. 

Friday, June 20, 2008

My intentions...

Hello fellow bloggers,
within this site I intend to note the things that most interest me. I have recently just graduated in Innovative Product Design so I hope this can aid me in moving on to my next chapter.
My passions lie in design (in particular high fashion) but this will not be limited to design alone as I am also interested in history, music, film, novels and much much more. 
So happy reading! I hope you find something that takes your fancy in my following blogs.