Sunday, November 27, 2011

YouTube social media revamp

After Business Review USA recently leaked intended Youtube redesigns, YouTube has taken matters into its own hands with a design roll-out that shows a Social Network (and predominantly Google+) inspired revamp.

YouTube is allowing users to preview the intended redesigned site which shows a distinct move towards integrating Google+ and Facebook, with sharing tabs on a prominent profile sidebar. The inclusion of Google+ is unsurprising given that YouTube is Google owned, however the Facebook link-up might be seen as a tactical move on Google’s part. The Facebook tab will allow users to link their Facebook profiles to YouTube, personally recommending videos to those in their friend networks and more importantly, exposing Facebook’s mammoth community to YouTube’s integration with Google+. The move is something that viewers, marketers and advertisers alike will ultimately see huge benefits from with personalised trending videos appearing on the YouTube homepage, and Google+ undoubtedly sees the opportunity in using YouTube as a platform to encroach upon Facebook’s 800 million active users.

The redesigns also come at a time when YouTube has made some significant deals with both big-name brands - most notably allowing the streaming of Disney movies - and also users: The company recently announced it’s participation in a revenue-sharing deal with users who post popular viral videos. Having developed an algorithm which it believes will predict which videos will go viral, the scheme will see YouTube contacting its posters with advertising opportunities for their page.

As officially the second largest search engine in the world (after Google itself), these moves by YouTube point towards an even more engaging and enhanced social media experience whilst aiming to propel Google+ further into Facebook’s market. As with the recent addition of its Google+ Business Pages, Google seem set on using all their assets – including YouTube - to provide a worthy contender against Facebook to the Social Media throne.

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