Monday, October 13, 2008

Twiggy's Frock Exchange

A new programme on the BBC has opened people's eyes to the concept of swapping clothes. On Twiggy's Frock Exchange, the idea is that everyone invited brings at least one item of clothing they will never wear again and swaps it for somebody else's. The chances are you will go away with something that you might not have considered before when high street shopping. Some lucky attendees were also going away with amazing items, some brought in by celebrities (such as the gorgeous Marc Jacob mini dress brought in by Ferne Cotton). Twiggy keeps the momentum going with help from rock chick Lauren Laverne and Grazia's Style Director Paula Reed.

I was particularly interested in the section of the programme where a person's old garment was altered and remade into a new garment altogether. I looked into this concept in my uni project (in fact even looking at the same company who do it on this programme) last year and ended up doing a similar idea.

(You can also go onto the programme website and find out more about how to hold your own Frock exchange party).

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