Saturday, October 4, 2008

Visual Merchandising

In my job with Topshop I am involved in the Visual Merchandising of the shop floor, making sure the the Topshop trends are represented within my own store. This can sometimes be more challenging than people think with concern needing to be shown to what lines of clothing are new in (these are given priority spacing as are best selling lines); giving visual balance (e.g. make sure your colours or prints are represented evenly throughout the space); outfit building (making sure a top is not randomly displayed by itself. It should be partnered with e.g. trousers or skirts and a jacket) and of course considering what is commercial for your store and customer. 

I have some images of merchandising I have done in the past including mannequin styling. I will try to keep taking pictures of everything I do and post them as I do them. 


Tunji said...

Hey Kat,
I love your blog.

Would you like to come to the launch of a national visual merchandising competion?

Mary Portas is judging and promoting the competition and Tony Morgan at the Fashion Retail Academy is also involved as a judge.

I work for Skillsmart Retail which is the Sector Skills Council that promotes skills in the retail sector. Visual Merchandising is one of the skills that we want to promote as a career of choice.

All the details of the party are below.
I hope you can make it. I admire you for setting up your own business from home.

Press & Communciation Officer
Skillsmart Retail
020 7462 5060


skillVM competition launch
Champagne reception
Thursday 27 November
Fashion Retail Academy
15 Gresse Street

Sasha de Caires
020 7462 5068

Jade said...

I came about your blog by chance and i must say i am impressed, i love all your pics but what interests me mainly is your Topshop merchandising experience.
I am currently doing a course in Visual Merchandising and for part of this course I'm doing a project on Topshop.
I was just wondering, as you have experience, if you wold be able to give me a bit of an insight into visual merchandising at Topshop. If you could get in touch with me via my email address, it'd be fab. I'd just like to know everything you'd like to share.
Thanks, Jade.

Beautiful hair extensions said...

hi kat, I have an interview with topshop the strand as visual merchandiser.Could u send me some tips>? thanks

CSM said...

Hi kat,
I really enjoyed reading your blog as I am an art graduate who is really keen to get into Visual Merchandising.
I actually have an interview with Topshop for a VM position at the end of the week. I'm not entirely sure what to expect. They have told me it will be partly practical. If you have any advice, tips etc that would be fantastic and so appreciated!

What Kat Did said...

Hi hope you all found my emails useful. How did everyone get on? x

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I'm also going for an interview next week for VM in topshop. Do you have any tips for me, i have a little window dressing experience.

thanks a million!

Anonymous said...

oops forgot to include my email adress for any tips you might have! it's, thanks!

Juanita said...

Hi Kat...I am a Masters student in Fashion Management and Marketing.

My current case study is a comparison between a visual merchandising consultant company (Visual Thinking) and an in house visual merchandising team (Topshop’s)

I would appreciate it if you could spare five minutes of your time to answer a few questions that will be of great help to the research process of the above mentioned case study.

Can I mail them to you?

Thanks for your help!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kat,

I was just in the middle of doing some research on visual merchandising at Topshop when I came across your blog.

I have an interview for the position of Top Level VM next Friday and I would love some advice if you have a spare minute. I have to do a practical exercise merching an area of the store and wondered if you had any tips? I have VM experience and I am a huge Topshop fan. I would be so grateful if you could offer any info.

my email address is

Thank you x

Anonymous said...

Hey Kat,

I just came across this blogg... I got to say, I love it!

I also have a interview for VM at topshop next week I don't know what to expect.

I really want to get the job can you please send me some tips aswel?

Look forward to hearing from you :) x

Bethany said...

I absolutley love your blog! It's been a website i've frequently ended up on due to to my constant googling for my Retail Course! I was just wondering how you actually got into Visual Merchandising! did you take a university course or literally just go for the job, as it's a career I've been considering for a while, and although there are a few courses about, they may not be the best way into the industry. If you could get back to me on my email address that would be amazing:
I appreciate your probably quite busy like most, but it would be great if you got back to me!
thanks beth x

Sarah Ann said...

HI Kat,

Great blog!......I'm a bit like everyone else and found your blog whilst looking into Topshop VM.

I too have an interview and was wondering if there were any insider tips you could share with me from your past experience at Topshop!

My email is

Thanking you in advance!

Sarah x

tami said...

hi Kat,
fantastic blog i came along it while searchng for things on V.M.
i am back from living in spain where i was the V.M but over here in the uk is alot different i have an interview and have been asked to do a mood board and swapping analysist id be grateful if you can tell what these are please..?? my email is

thanks a million

sim1 said...

hiya, i love <3 ur blog, i also have an interview for vm with topshop in ely's wimbeldon and i would love some tips from you pleeeeease the only thing is.... its on thursday 11 nov 2010 (in 2 days) help!! if you can
i look forward to hearing from you.
thanks in

sim1 said...

hiya, i love <3 ur blog, i also have an interview for vm with topshop in ely's wimbeldon and i would love some tips from you pleeeeease the only thing is.... its on thursday 11 nov 2010 (in 2 days) help!! if you can
i look forward to hearing from you.
thanks in

Anonymous said...

Hi i see alot of people have commented on your pictures i think there wonderful.Ive applied for a job at topshop and hopfully will get an interview for a vm assistant i was wondering if you have any tips ?
If you do
Thank you x

Anonymous said...

Hi Kat, so many people have wrote comments asking to pick your brains about being a vm, i dont blame them your work looks fab! my name is Emma and i am too studying fashion and would love to become a vm on day, so If at any chance you get a few spare minuets i was wondering if you could give me any info of any good places to apply for jobs/ placements or any of your work experiences. i would really appreciate it. :)

Thank you.



Anonymous said...

My name is Amber I am currently studying fashion business at NTU. I have recently chosen my dissertation topic; Visual merchandising within the retail industry.
I was just wondering whether you could point me in the right direction of any useful information or any hints/tips you may have for my research?

Thanks for your time
Amber Wright

Mimi said...

Hiya Kat,

I know you've had loads of messages asking for your advice on Topshop VM so i'm sorry to do the same! I'd really love if theres anything you could tell me about the job or the interview process? I guess it will have some practical element to it? I haven't had a specific VM job before however i have been doing VM in stores i've worked in for 3 years and it's definately the path i want to go down.
Anything you could tell me would be greatly appreciated.
My email address is
Thanks so much x

Anonymous said...

I have a job interview for a creative assistant at Topshop and was wondering if you can give me any help or advice?
Ive got loads of retail experience from high street brands and a first class degree in fashion/textile design, would be much appreciated!
Thanks Lizzy

Anonymous said...

hi kat
firsty your blog is fab!
and secondly I have an interview for a visual assistant at topshop and am finding it hard to prepare as I'm not really sure what to expect.
I have retail experience with H&M and a fashion design degree. I would really appreciate it if you could offer any interview tips?
thankyou xoxo


Hi Jenine, I've just replied but since I regularly get these requests I'm going to write up a guide at some point which I'll link to on here :) Good luck!



Ricardo Nunes said...

Hello Kat.
My name is Ricardo , and i have 23 years old of age.
I need your help, how i could work like merchandiser in topshop? I`m for Portugal and i took a course about coordination and production of fashion , i did some internship with some french brand like Lacel , Tara Charmon etc .
And i need your help to know, how i could some information about it.
i have a fashion blog too, these is the link
Tel me and let me know , ok.
Thank you so must.
Greetings by Ricardo

eimeard said...

Hi, im gonna jump on the bandwagon and ask for some advice. Im also interviewing for a V.M position at Topshop and would love any advice you would have. My email is

Loving the blog by the way, some great advice on it! :)