Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas window displays

Set designer Shona Heath designed Topshop's Christmas window displays and they look fabulous. 
I have to say that now that I work for MANGO, my eyes have been opened up to visual merchandising techniques outwith the Topshop way of doing things. Both styles are great but very different. Topshop is very much suited for a UK creative audience whereas Mango - being a Spanish company - have a much more European, mature appeal. 
Here's our shop window Christmas display complete with Christmas trees, fairy lights and snowflake stickers. Prior to this, we had a very Chanel-like display with over-sized chandeliers. I was fortunate enough to be able to takes some of these chandeliers home with me once they were done with them. 

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chloe said...

aren't leftover window displays one of the perks of our job haha!? im a visual merchandiser too and i recently brought home a huge vintage-looking birdcage complete with a table/stand, its awesome! i just discovered your blog, i shall save it and have a good rummage around, im always interested in other v.merchandiser's work! x