Friday, February 27, 2009

Grunge isn't dead...

I feel the need to discuss my recent return to all things grunge.

Whilst I rediscovered the looks and the music I so dearly loved when I was a teenager, coincidently NY and London were showing a return to the look which originated from a bunch of Seattle based bands in the late 80s/early 90s. 
It's all very exciting for me since I was too young to take any notice the first time round!

Though of course punky style (doc-marten boots and stone-wash denim in particular) is a non-mover, Grunge has a way of combining the toughest of garments with pretty floral dresses and cardigans that look like they've been taken right out your Granny's wardrobe.

Here's my favourite grunge looks from the Fall/Winter '09-'10 collections so far, both sides of the Atlantic:

Topshop Unique - very futuristic grunge.

Marc Jacobs - the King of Grunge fashion (not counting the likes of Kurt Cobain of course) had to be in here.

Luella - yet another triumphant collection which we will no doubt see all over the high street come Autumn.

Christopher Kane - only 6 collections in and getting stronger.

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