Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Statement jewellery.

On a recent day trip to London, I had to (as a Topshop employee) pop into the Topshop flagship store at Oxford Circus where I discovered the most beautiful opulent gold and black 'gemstone' jewellery at £35. As I was already making other purchases I ended up not buying this chain. Big mistake. I have thought about it since a lot and of course have tried to get it everywhere else since. Particularly as I have just became a big fan of the series The Tudors where all the jewellery worn is of course very grand.

I have noticed from a lot of the recent design collections that statement jewellery, opulent or oversized. I have therefore been keeping an eye out in charity shops and vintage stores for any one-off and inexpensive pieces. But I really hope I get the chance to buy that Freedom one from Topshop. 

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