Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Free Iran

After the contraversy surrounding the 'Legalize Gay. . . Repeal Prop 8 Now!" t-shirts (resulting in staff receiving death threats and vandalism on stores), American Apparel have upped-the-ante again with their next political statement.
The retail giant supplied a UCLA rally for Iranian democracy with "Free Iran" T-shirts on Saturday. A spokesperson for the company stated:

"American Apparel is a company that supports liberty and open-minded thinking. [We have] a history of putting our money where our mouth is. We have some resources and assets that your average protester doesn't and we want to use those when we can." 


مهدی said...

i am an iranian and so glad to see u comment on u weblog:)
i like free iran
i hope we can have a free country
with best regards

What Kat Did said...

Hi Mahdi,

I am so grateful for your comment, thank you.

It's so good to see that a huge company like American Apparel are willing to stand up and make such a politically motivated statement - their influence on youth culture and their competitors is huge so hopefully it will do some good.

:) I hope for a free Iran too.

Kat x