Wednesday, July 15, 2009

As you've never seen Kate before.

Friend of Kate Moss, Swedish designer Lovisa Burfitt has the priviledge of being able to see her friend how nobody else does. She has recently created 3 quirky illustrations of the supermodel dressed as a clown, a court jester and as Charlie Chaplin. The illustrations will appear on jersey dresses sold online at

Buyer for, Joanne Watkinson said "Owning a piece from her collection, and it being limited edition, felt like buying a piece of wearable art. The Kate Moss connection made it even more exciting."


Anonymous said...

haha you have a funny blog

maybe you found my blog funny too

love Lars ♥

Catarina said...

I would love to own one of those dresses but I will have to choose between the dress and the Karl Who? bag by Naco Paris....tough decision.

Anonymous said...

I want it

What Kat Did said...

Thank you for the comments. What I didn't mention was the price:

Yikes. £98 for a t-shirt dress.