Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Miss Watson's wardrobe.

On Sunday, I watched a T4 special on “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.” Footage and interviews with the cast on the red carpet in London left me in awe of Emma Watson's dress. Turns out it was vintage Ossie Clark. 
Emma now has the most enviable wardrobe and has bearly been away from the front rows at Fashion Weeks. Further promoting of the new film saw her wearing Proenza Schouler and Christopher Kane (respectively):
But Emma has spoken plainly about the possibility of fashion overshadowing her career and the idea of celebrity branding: 

“That’s my worst nightmare. First and foremost, I’m an actress. I’m not a designer. If someone asked me to do something that was beneficial to a cause, then maybe I’d consider it, but not just [to be able to say] ‘Look at me! I’ve got my own line!’”

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