Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lily gets the Karl treatment

Lily Allen has come a long way since her sneaks, prom dress and gold bling combinations. 
The first pictures of her Chanel handbag campaign shot by Karl have finally hit the web. The black and white shots show Lily looking distinctly Lagerfeld-like, wearing monochrome neat tailoring and fingerless gloves (which are set to be huge this Fall '09).


Catarina said...

I just made a post about the same topic!!! I'm not really keen on this campaign she doesn't really look like herself and the bags are really not my style.

What Kat Did said...

Aw did you? I shall check it out in a minute.

Lily Allen is one of these people I just can't make my mind up about... and the same goes for the photos although granted she looks good in them.

As for the bags, I totally agree, not really my style either. A bit sleeping-bag like for my taste but I understand that if they forever shot the 2.55 we'd get bored out of our minds.

Catarina said...
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Catarina said...

True, you can only reinvent the 2.55 so many times before they all start looking the same. My opinion on Lily is the same as yours, she does look good in the photos but it doesn't look like her and I must say I was a bit surprised that karl chose her. I guess you can't please everyone!