Sunday, January 25, 2009

Christina rumours denied.

Elle UK has stated that there is no truth in the rumour that Christina Aguilera will be designing a Hollywood glamour style collection for Topshop.

"Our friends at Topshop have confirmed to that it's not happening. This year Topshop will be focusing on the best in British talent, including a collection from Biba legend Barbera Hulanicki, whose collection in the 1970s defined the decade. Her collection of body-con dresses, palozzo pants, and suede jackets is set to launch in April 2008."

I'm so excited about the Barbera Hulanicki collection (especially with my discount). I really wish I had been around to experience the Biba phenomenon back in the day. My mum tells me about her experiences of going to a store. I think probably the closest thing we have to that now is Topshop which has often been compared to the legendary high street label. 

I'm heading down to London tomorrow morning for a couple of days so if I get the chance I shall take a trip to Topshop flagship store on Oxford Street and Harrods which stocks the 21st century Biba collections.

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