Monday, January 12, 2009

Marc Jacobs tribute to Stephen Sprouse

Remember the Louis Vuitton graffiti print bags? Remember their leopard print scarfs that could be seen on everyone after their Fall Winter 06 07 collection? Well it was all a result of the collaboration between Creative Director Marc Jacobs and 80s graffiti artist/fashion designer Stephen Sprouse back in 2001.
Sprouse died in 2004 but a few years later Jacobs decided to use a leopard print they had designed together that was never issued. And Jacobs has yet again paid tribute to Sprouse by creating a new collection inspired by their original collaboration. Last week he held a massive tribute event in NYC over 3 different LV locations. Reissued Sprouse LV bags were on display, Debbie Harry did a unique performance and the interiors were completely kitted out in neon lights and graffiti prints.
The highlight of the images for me has to be the exterior of the Wooster Street, Soho store which was covered in a polythene film and then spray painted over. Who else would have the guts to deface a luxury brand but Marc Jacobs?

From the collection itself there are not many things I would buy as I'm not a huge fan of anything too...garish. But I do love the sepia rose print and I can tell the collection is going to be a huge hit so start saving your pennies and get in there fast.

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