Sunday, August 16, 2009

As Seen On Screen

Since it's beginnings in 2000, has established itself as the UK's largest independent fashion and beauty retailers. 
Twelve in-house womenswear designers constantly create new lines, which are turned around within a maximum of 2 months. Up to 90,000 orders are shipped out of their Hertfordshire warehouse every week with Sunday evenings apparently being the most popular buying time (no doubt from customers needing something to cheer them up before going back to work the following day). 
Apparently clothes sell better when on certain models. ASOS employs 25 in-house models with every single item of clothing being photographed and filmed on the catwalk before becoming available on the site. But typically items sell best on long haired, good skinned and curvy models. An item doesn't sell quite as well as expected? It is re-shot on a different model and re-uploaded. 

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