Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Harvard Yard

Harvard University is branching out from Academia to launch its very own contemporary menswear line, 'Harvard Yard'. The line will range in price from $165 for trousers to $495 for sport coats and was apparently inspired by photos of students lounging in Harvard Yard in the '60s. 

But unlike the likes of Oxford and Cambridge who flog crest emblazoned... everything to impressionable tourists, the 'Harvard Yard' line won't say "Harvard University" on them or don the schools colors except in some of the finer details. The brand are keen to stress that the clothes are not geared toward their students, but at a global contemporary male demographic. However, it seems the line will not move too far away from its preppy routes. 
I think the line comes at a good time: despite (or perhaps as a result of) the recession, consumers are investing in luxurious fashion. Harrods has just announced an extremely successful year! In the same way owning a designer perfume does, owning a little piece of Harvard gives people access to an extravagantly elite world in a time that - for most - is anything but. 

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