Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Stella's unmentionables.

Remember those pictures I took a couple of months ago of some of my lingerie hanging from the trees? Well does this look familiar?Looks like Stella McCartney took some inspiration from me (I wish!!) 

In Britain, we have this tendency to completely over-sex (think Ann Summers) or under-sex (think Brigette Jones) lingerie. There is rarely a flirty, happy medium (think Dior Couture), which is a shame because I love lingerie.

Here's Stella McCartney's latest collection which hits the nail on the head:


thingsIlove said...

Beautiful pictures! The Stella McCartney briefs are too cute, really want them!

What Kat Did said...

Gorgeous aren't they? Thank you for your comments :) I have quite a lot of briefs like this. Although admittedly not designer.