Monday, August 24, 2009

David Bailey criticises peers.

The famous photographer David Bailey - who has established an astonishing career since the Swinging Sixties - has recently made some interesting and bold statements about the fashion industry:
"Any model over the age of 23 has to be touched up these days. 23? It's f***ing ridiculous but that's what you have to do for American Vogue and it's getting the same in Britain.

"They want shoots that look like a shop window in Knightsbridge. They always have the same kind of dead-looking girls. It isn't interesting. Because they aren't girls. They're androids. Airbrushed and cleaned up and not real."

"You can't tell any more who took the photographs. You used to be able to tell - there was character to the pictures.

"You could tell this was a Newton or that was a Beaton or a Horst or whatever. A Bailey woman has a distinct look. A Bailey woman is a real woman of flesh and blood and sex."

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