Thursday, June 25, 2009

Woolies is back

After their disappearance from our high streets 6months ago, Woolworths have made a welcome return with their online store. The company has spent the last half-year finding out what customers really loved about the Woolies brand to optimise sales on their website. The feedback suggested they should focus on children's wear, toys and party gear, and that's exactly what Woolworths are doing. As well as their all-important pick'n'mix selection which can be delivered to your home. (I was so tempted to order my favourites.)
Christmas will tell if there is still a future for the 100 year old brand.


Madame Dior said...

I am so ashamed to admit this but i had no idea Woolies had an online store!! aha i will def. have to make some kind of order over Christmas! xx

What Kat Did said...

Don't worry Madame Dior, it is just new. Love love love your blog, thanks for your comment. x