Monday, June 8, 2009

The Beth Ditto Doll.

So the Beth Ditto for Evans collection launches in July following months of consultations to create a commercial collection reflecting her personal style. It signals a brave new step in a younger direction for the plus-size brand.
But Beth couldn't make it along for the recent Autumn Winter Arcadia Press Day. Instead, Evans teased visitors by showcasing a replica doll of Beth and promotional postcards wearing 2 garments from the up and coming collection.

Apparently Beth's team decided to commission specialist doll-makers to create a one-off babydoll of her. Arcadia say that the detailing of the hand-crafted doll is indicative of the amount of passion and care that the Gossip's lead singer has put into her first clothing range. 
This range is said to be very vintage and 80's pop culture inspired (check out the sequined slouch dress), particularly drawing from Ska and Two Tone.

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