Thursday, December 4, 2008

All Saints Spitalfields

The cult British fashion brand All Saints has some amazing clothes but the thing that I really love about them is their branding and shopfits. It completely compliments and reinforces the values of the product.

In some of their stores, (such as one of my local Glasgow stores above) hanging cruciforms are lit up acting as a rock'n'roll centerpiece reflecting the edgie, grunge fashion on their scaffolding fixtures. During the Summer I visited the flagship store in Spitalfields - round the corner from Spitalfields market in the now trendy part of East London. I instantly recognised the open-plan converted loft type space; exposed brickwork and aged wood flooring. But the displays were a lot more exciting and inventive than I had seen in Glasgow, with butcher meat hooks and industrial sized hanging items and mannequins from the ceiling as well as distressed 'vintage' style pieces spread out throughout the shop.

Although quite expensive (All Saints say their clothes are High Fashion at an affordable price), traditional artisan techniques are still used to make their unique clothes. At the moment I just admire but when I have a bit more money I shall be a regular shopper.

Another downside is that although their flash website is gorgeously designed to reflect the brand and its customers, it's not the best to navigate through. In doing this, I couldn't find any information about their ethics and history or any pictures of their stores on the site. They possibly need to work on getting this up to the same standard as their fashion and shop interiors.


Anonymous said...

They dont have any ethics on their site because their a pack of wankers to work for. Great clothes but the company is run really badly. Everyone is treated like crap, overworked, expected to work after hours for no extra money, constantly bombarded with inappropritate job threatening messages from head office and ive never known a company to use the work unacceptable more in my life.

What Kat Did said...

Thanks for your comment. This is sad to hear. I guess this is so often the case with brands that we idolize.
I have worked for 3 different retailers before and I was surprised at the variances in professionalism.
It's a shame that the company work ethics do not live up to the brand image.

lea blüm said...

good piece

Anonymous said...

I have an interview with them today.. That first message has really hit me :( lol


Oh good luck! Hopefully it's got a lot better as they've grown!

I did another couple of posts on All Saints over the years on this blog so feel free to do a quick search for them.

And let us in on the discount if you get the job ;)