Monday, December 15, 2008

Sad Christmas for the High Street

There's an interesting article on msn at the moment about the effects of the current economic climate on retailers. It mainly discusses the price wars between supermarkets but also mentions the current need for high street shoppers seeking bargains and deals. 

This is so evident in every shop window on every high street or mall nationwide and coming from a retailers perspective also, I know that we are trying everything to meet targets. 

Even the UK's biggest retailer, Marks & Spencer have reacted with one-day special 20% off day events. Executive Chairman of M&S Stuart Rose has said he is taking a "glass half-full" attitude to the struggling M&S sales from recent months. The one-day spectacular was a huge success according to Rose.
During the summer I was lucky to do a work placement within one of the Marks and Spencer Head Office buying teams and was privileged enough to sit in on an employee talk with Stuart Rose where he discussed the up-coming struggle ahead and dismissed the rumours of a take-over. I came away thinking he was one of the most charismatic people I'd ever came across and a very inspiring man to work for so I think if anyone is going to get the brand through a tough, competitive period, he is the man to do it.  

(On a further note, how good is the latest Christmas campaign advert featuring the nations favourites, Take That!?)

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