Sunday, December 7, 2008

'The King and I' Costumes

I have recently joined a local Operatic society with 2 of my friends because I love to sing and be involved in productions. We will be professionally performing 'The King and I' in March. I have taken some screenshots from the movie. This is a gorgeous scene where the King of Siam's slaves put on a show for the visiting British.

On Thursday we were all measured up so that we could have our costumes made to fit. I am extremely excited about this. Most of the time we will be dressed in Siamese traditional dress with gorgeous exotic colours and detailing. But there is also a scene where myself and others have to dress in mid 19th century Western dress. I love that the Siamese women in the film initially think that Western women's bodies are shaped the way their crinoline dresses suggested.

I watched the film the other day and I really hope the costumes are similar to these. I can't wait to wear a crinoline dress like this! I'm also hoping there might be some way of me being able to get involved in the costume making process but we shall see. 

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