Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Buying gifts for different shapes.

I do not pretend to be an expert in gift buying but recently quite a few people have come to me for help and advice in clothes and jewellery buying. It feels really good to know that people value my opinions and I tend to really consider body shape & colouring as well as of course the person's taste. I better not show any examples as 1. It's not Christmas yet and 2. It might not be fair on those who asked for my help. 

Recently I was looking at the very basic but brilliant Gok Wan 'Body Shape Guide' on the Dorothy Perkins website. It was very clever of DP's to jump on the fact that their target consumers are all of extreme sizes, ages and shapes and they are probably more aware of the need to dress to suit them rather than wear something straight off the catwalk meant for people of model proportions only. 

Have a look at the guide. I'd say I'm a 'Curvy Queen' in that my hips and bust are more or less the same and my waist much smaller. As you can see Gok also has a way of trying to make even 'flaws' sound amazing.

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