Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Courtney Love photoshoot

I get emails from Elle UK and I saw that Courtney Love is on their January cover and looks pretty damn good. She still looks like her usual rock star self as she is wearing this season's trends but this time it looks a bit more polished than the usual smeared red lipstick look. I used to have really mixed feelings towards her as I was a huge Nirvana fan growing up but I'm so glad to see her looking so good. Speaking of which, I got a Nirvana t-shirt in Urban Outfitters recently as it was reduced from £32 to £15. I used to have a vest-top like this when I was younger which I bought off another girl in school who was a whole lot bustier than me at the time. The Nirvana logo was therefore a bit stretched horizontally but I loved it anyway.

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