Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Burberry Mac

A couple of years back I bought a second hand Burberry Mac in a vintage store in Glasgow's West end called Watermelon for £30. I usually only find larger sized ones so when I saw this UK size 12 petite I had to have it despite being a UK 8 - I just convinced myself it kind of fitted. But 2 years down the line, I still hadn't worn it and was tempted to sell it on ebay.
Instead, I decided a few weeks back, to have it altered by a local seamstress who is fantastic and has fantastic prices to match (only £20 for this job). I asked for the hem line to be taken right up to update it and she took the whole thing in a few inches. And now I wear it all the time! (I have cut my face out this picture because I look miserable.)

The great thing about a Burberry mac is you know you are wearing a historic item of clothing (Check out the Burberry website to read all about the history of their iconic trench coat - so-called because it was originally worn by soldiers in trenches during the Boer War.) Also, I stupidly spilled my Pepsi Max all over it whilst waiting on a train and it just rolled right off: no mark or stain left what-so-ever.

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