Monday, December 1, 2008


My friend Lauren and I got back from Amsterdam the other day where she was attending the first Service Design conference in Europe and I was going with her to explore and try to discover more about the city. 
We arrived and it was extremely snowy yet decided to go for a night out that lasted into the next morning.
After a days rest, I headed along to the global Tommy Hilfiger for a visit. You can just make out Tommy Hilfiger branded across this building in this phone photo. It was great to chat to two people on the team there and to hear that the company is great to work fore. It was also great to see what the inside of a massive designer brand's headquarters looked like. As you can imagine from Tommy Hilfiger clothing, it is very fresh, clean-lined with little superfluous ornamentation. Very American. 
After, I explored the city centre some more (where I discovered this amazing postcard - this photograph was taken in 1949 in New York. The shopkeeper's message definitely gets the point across but I think he could have done with some marketing tips from Mr Hilfiger).

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