Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sears 'Arrive' advert

I'm a big High School Musical fan and came across this Sears advert (more like a full length music video) targeting kids going back to school in America featuring Vanessa Hudgens.

What amazing advertising for a generation influenced by celebrity and MTV. I must admit if I was a school kid in the US then I would definitely want to visit Sears after seeing this 'advert'. Thankfully in the UK we have to wear a school uniform which I actually loved and appreciated the advantages of. It was more fun adjusting school uniform to my taste than it would have been trying to think of something new to wear everyday.

Vanessa of course looks amazing in all 3 outfits (well 4 once all 3 are combined into one) but my favourite is the Rock chick one. The others seem a bit much for school.

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