Thursday, December 4, 2008

Prada phone

Currently I own the Prada LG phone, the touchscreen phone that was much talked about a year and a half ago when it first came out. I first spotted it in Dazed & Confused magazine so waited with baited breath for its release.

The packaging was gorgeous and I had a bit of a honeymoon period with my phone overlooking the fact that it was difficult to write text messages and a not so great 2 mega pixel camera. Also, I stupidly never used the protective Prada sleeve that came with it so over time the Prada logo has completely scratched off.

Other designer phones such as the D&G, Chanel phone etc have came out, which I haven't liked as much. But in Amsterdam I saw an advertisement for the new Prada II LG phone with slide out QWERTY keyboard. It also has a 5mega pixel camera this time, which will be a lot better for when I see things I want to blog. And so I am in lust again.
I popped into Orange to see about upgrading but it isn't to be released in the UK for another couple of months yet.

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